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Roaming the world's oceans a steely predator stalks its prey and strikes without warning the USS Texas a submarine unlike any other it's cruising down nearly a thousand feet beneath the seat it's weapons some of the world's deadliest torpedoes missiles and special ops commandments its mission deliver a crushing blow for everything against enemies at sea and land it's time to peel back the steel on this underwater juggernaut revealing the awesome technology behind its strengths literary and power technology that makes this 400-foot summary invisible and keeps a hundred and eighteen men alive at depths no human can survive ready to respond to any threat fathom the secrets of the super Sun [Music] Chuck they did the pro Hill five years of contact cycle one clap bikers I'm a traitor as you'll break three very the USS Texas is on a classified mission strike three shown that there is a super tanker and ratha Norco carrying possible weapons of mass destruction an oil tanker loaded with deadly weapons is sailing toward the coast while that fuckers are said of course doozer if the Texas can't stop partner thousands could die no other sub is better equipped to intervene stand by the USS Texas and her sister saw the USS Virginia are among the Navy's latest class of attack sub mines and that makes the Texas one of the most sophisticated submarines ever built [Music] she's 377 feet long and weighs over 78 hundred times but she can maneuver through shallow coastal waters as easily as the deep ocean and destroy it using looks like we're in a good position to achieve a firing position in the blink of an eye she sends the tanker to a watery grave this time it's only a training exercise but the crew of the Texas knows next time could be the real thing they're sailing on the latest generation of supersoft the Texas represents a radical leap and sub designed it's among the deepest and longest running nuclear attack submarines ever built to plumb the secrets of the super cell will build it from scratch watch it become a weapon and reveal how a 7800 ton shark becomes invisible and can spot a potential enemy a thousand miles away will see how other super subs are challenging its supremacy and stealth and firepower [Music] and see what happens when disaster strikes the secrets of the supercell begin long before its first dive this is the birthplace of the American submarine fleet for over a century the USS Texas is the product of two shipyards electric boat and Northrop Grumman and she's one of the first American warships designed entirely on a computer now let's take a close-up view of the auxilary machinery room module engineers walk virtual crewmen through the engine room to perfect its layout a tight fit that has to accommodate crew engines generators and propulsion machinery clash detection software test the smallest details like the opening and closing of weapon two patches it can reveal any collision between hatch and class before construction begins last step the design software sends the approved blueprints directly to the machines that cut the steel shaped components and fan pipes now it's time to build the Texas at that process is just as revolutionary gratin sub makers used to build their boats from the inside out working in the cramped space of the hull engineers say that's like building a Swiss watch through the stem and now they'll build the Texas the opposite way from the outside and they'll construct separate modules everything a submarine needs the engine room the torpedo room and it's nerve center the command and control growth each component slides neatly into the hall but an ingenious design doesn't guarantee the Texas will survive in the real world a world of airless dark deaths crushing water pressures and hostile weapons her designers test her toughness on their computers with a devastating virtual assault from an enemy mine or torpedo what we're gonna see here is a mathematical simulation of an underwater explosion as a result of a combat action unlike a land explosion a torpedo or mine doesn't shatter its target with a single blow an underwater blast generates a series of shock waves so powerful that it could make a submarine tear itself apart when the computer hits the virtual Texas red spots indicate she's feeling the pain yet her designers now that her enemies will never stop building even deadlier weapons to destroy her after five years on the factory floor 1 million parts a thousand miles of fiber optics and cables 14 million hours of labor and over 2 billion dollars the USS Texas is finally ready for action [Music] workers roll her onto a giant floating dry dock as it carefully delivers her to the sea her home and her deadliest enemy [Music] for no human √ęthis arey threatens submarines like the deep ocean the Texas and its sister subs carry a hundred and eighteen men but the super subs most important mission is to take those men where they cannot possibly survive hundreds of feet underwater and keep them safe for months at crushing deaths more than anything else she must never fail to give her crew the most basic of all human needs air the first submarine errs knew they were running out of oxygen when they started getting sick crews were sometimes actually poisoned by a combination of either the diesel fumes or the battery fumes earlier subs tried keeping their crews alive with tanks of pressurized gas and snorkel tools to draw clean air from the surface and even chemicals that released oxygen but the texas as a revolutionary oxygen generator even when she's running hundreds of feet deep her crew breathes better air than what you're breathing right now onboard sensors continuously monitored the air supply scrubbing it with filters that trap contaminants remove carbon dioxide and suck out excess moisture and while she submerged the Texas replenishes its air from an unexpected source in the ocean around her it can actually turn seawater into clean air by separating its basic chemical components hydrogen and oxygen in one hour the Texas can extract nearly 225 cubic feet of oxygen more than twice what her crew needs to survive yet submarine errs never truly breathe easy the deeper they dive the greater the danger just how deep the USS Texas can dive is classified the Navy will only admit to 800 feet as deep as the Eiffel Tower is high at that depth the water pressure would instantly kill a human with more than 360 pounds per square inch of crushing force it's like parking a truck on your chest aboard the Texas all that stands between life and death is three inches of metal but not just any metal high-pressure structural steel called hy 100 the strongest submarine hull ever built but the Texas's job is not just to survive it's to fight and win the super sub boasts one of the deadliest Arsenal's on earth but another nation is developing a torpedo so fast that the USS Texas may not detect it before it strikes [Music] turning a submarine into a weapon requires two technological feats stealth and firepower the US Navy's virginia-class submarine yya are among the most powerful underwater weapons ever built these predators go into action they dive out of sight like every other submarine but the key to destroying an enemy is to see and hear it before it hears you and the super sub as some of the most powerful underwater eyes and ears ever made first I'll write a news contact brain 3:07 1506 3nh F alpha 3.97 getting new submerged contact zero six three bearing 3:07 and 80th very well attention control Sarathy new contacts here at six three I intend to engage this contest one at Katz's Arpita send up a firing fluid [Music] earlier subs had to scan the surface through a periscope they couldn't see more than a few miles away but the super sub sees the world through space-age cameras that can peer tens of miles away all ages coordinators experienced contact breakthroughs Arizona's the contact Avengers tracks here at 63 these cameras send crisp images to the control room there have a contact us about nine miles away see how closely that Niki recording magnified an infrared laser rangefinder tells the crew the exact distance to the target an enemy ship the Texas has locked on to its target now it's time to destroy it the torpedo is still the submarines signature weapon famous from World War two when German subs hunted allied warships and squadrons called wolf packs but a super sub is a Wolfpack of one it can carry 38 torpedoes three times as many torpedoes as the type seven German u-boat did in its bow for 21 inch torpedo tubes can launch both torpedoes and missiles firing solution sir very well 6 3 2 poor historically crews had to move and load 2 tons for PTO's by hand a slow dangerous process washing guys by the brazier today it's fully automated torpedo men can load and reload tubes in 1/3 of the time solution ready hit ready pressurized water propels the torpedo from the sub toward its target a piston engine with two propellers maximizes the torpedoes power trips you're running normally but the torpedo isn't flying blind it trails a wire plugged into the weapons systems aboard the sub using data to navigate the bomb accelerates to 32 knots over 35 miles an hour with a range of 8 miles and as it nears its target the wire is cut and its owner takes over navigation this one torpedo has the explosive power of twelve hundred pounds of TNT if the torpedo misses its target he can circle back around andrea tac motor arms detonating below the ship but there's one flaw in the super sub store P dose enemies sonar can hear them coming giving their targets a chance to avoid them before they strike but half a world away engineers are building a new kind of torpedo one that no one can detect one that can kill a super son proving ground of the Barracuda the torpedo of tomorrow the Barracuda torpedo replaces the piston engine with a rocket engine it can power the Barracuda through water at 360 km/h nearly four times faster than the super sub storminess the Barracuda is so fast it actually creates a pocket of air underwater the only thing touching the water is the nose cone that steers it's a phenomenon known as super cavitation moving through air produces less friction than moving through water and less friction means greater speed and it goes so fast that no target can possibly get out of the way and time and it's just going to hit traveling faster than the speed of sound the Barracuda actually outruns its own sound waves even a super sub sonar may not hear the Barracuda until it strikes as torpedoes like the barracuda become more advanced the super subs only defense is to improve it stealth running silent has long been the Submariner greatest advantage a technological game of cat and mouse that has been escalating since World War two naval engineers are developing top-secret designs that give the USS Texas the ultimate advantage invisibility the submarine was born to be stealthy but to the latest generation of super subs like the USS Texas stealth means more than hiding underwater it means becoming with submarine errs call a hole in the water speed in utter silence a critical innovation because when a sub loses the element of surprise the results can be devastating 1942 the German Navy uses the stealth of their Untersee boot the you barter to reign supreme [Music] lonely in wolf packs striking almost invisible that you vote sink supply ships by the thousands but the you votes have an Achilles heel they must surface at night to recharge their batteries the Allies are more ships and planes with radar to locate the u-boats it turns the once-feared hunters into the prey once they were located they were in a way defeated already the u-boats don't stand a chance on the surface they dive and make a run for it but their fate is sealed by sonar a technology whose name means sound navigation and ranging a transmitter sends an electrical impulse from the surface ship which releases a sound wave into the water the classic pain of submarine movies traveling at 4800 feet per second the sound waves bounce back from solid objects revealing the hidden u-boat so non exacts a heavy toll on the mighty new roads for a super sub to remain undetected by modern sonar it must become a hole in the water quieter than the surrounding sea and far from the oceans a secret laboratories perfecting stealth working to make the Texas invisible [Music] Lake Pend Oreille in Idaho hundreds of miles from the prying eyes and ears of potential adversaries [Music] cameras have never before had permission to film the cutthroat the largest unmanned submarine in the world its job teach engineers to make the Texas even quieter this one-third scale model of the USS Texas is a perfect likeness right down to the top-secret repulsor specially designed to increase thrust and most importantly minimize noise [Laughter] inside a massive array of batteries powered the subs brain a bank of computers that pilot the model following a programmed course at over a thousand feet deep this cold water lake is one of the quietest testing grounds to the world perfect for evaluating classified designs like stealth battleships invisible to radar every waterborne vehicle has a unique acoustic signature the sound made by water moving over its Hall understand three seven zero rpm guys that nickels underway [Music] if the virginia-class substance these men are among the few on earth who know what it is underwater microphones listen in as the sub dives allowing the Navy to hear what an enemy would hear the hydrophones are so sensitive we can detect snow falling on the water right now here fine-tuning the design of this sub to maximize stealth is an obsession we've made very very my new very very detailed changes especially in the propulsion that made significant improvements in the acoustic performance of the propeller making a hole in the water means more than just building a mechanically and hydrodynamically quiet submarine it means absorbing sound sources from outside the Navy say most modern subs are coated with the material called anechoic or anti echo when a sonar ping strikes the sub this classified rubber-like material actually absorbs the sound without reflecting it back to the source stealth is important to the super-sub survival but at the USS Texas and her sister The Virginian want to survive in this open ocean battlefield they must see and hear the world around them to navigate attack or defend themselves against enemies the super-sub literally paints a picture of her environment with sound it's our only way to know what's in front of us what's to the left what's the right and where we have to go to avoid running into other ships and the sea obviously we don't have windows so what's emerged this this is true the super-sub can hear better than any sub man has ever put into the water it has 10 sonar arrays mounted in the sail on the sides in the bow and one towed behind her all working with sound to produce a view of the underwater landscape like never before each line on the screen represents a contact anything in our on the water that makes noise from a whale to a cruise ship to a fishing bump is a this is a merchant ship it sounds like just a coastal coastal merchant probably not anything a little real large and what you're hearing when we're listening to this is actually is the screw turning in the water and air bubbles forming and then collapsing on the tips and the face of the blades as well as just the sound of it turning in from propelling the ship through the water the final piece of technology that allows the super sub to find its enemy lies hidden behind a composite material dome the spherical bow array mounted with hundreds of hydrophones it allows sonar operators to hear ships in the water up to a thousand miles away sonar signals are processed by computers with more number-crunching power than nearly every US sub in history combined yet there are some threats that the Texas may simply not be able to hear until it's too late a technological ghost from World War two has returned to haunt the oceans the waning days of the war using radar the Allies devastate the German submarine fleet the Germans realize the u-boats fatal flaw its mechanical engines periodically need air to recharge their batteries every time a u-boat surfaces it's dangerously exposed a brilliant German engineer Helmut Walter devises a way to keep you boat underwater longer it's called air-independent propulsion or AIP the type xxi u boat is worn he had ideas which were revolution it in a way so he invented this streamline submarine capable of doing high speeds was far ahead of his time the type xxi accomplishes unprecedented stealth the secret a massive bank of batteries that enable the sub to remain submerged longer and still reach speeds of 16 knots faster than the u.s. convoys on the surface but the war ends before Germany can unleash air-independent propulsion and the world's first super sub fifty years later the concept of a IP resurfaces both in Germany and Sweden a Swedish Navy's got measures merely 200 feet half the size of the Texas intended for coastal defense the Gotland valued stealth over firepower her secret the incredibly quiet Hawkins Stirling engine it uses a mix of diesel fuel and liquid oxygen to power a generator which in turn powers the ship's ultra-quiet electric motor encased in soundproofing the Gotland engine is so quiet so hard to detect that the US Navy has rented her from Sweden for use in war games one of the worst things that Texas could encounter is one of the new generation AIP submarines laying in wait that knows the territory knows where the nooks and crannies around the content of shelf are and understands the local acoustics if Sweden's Gotland class sub is quiet this German sub is almost silent the to 1 to alpha it cannot outrun or outgun a steel shark like the Texas but it's powered by a chemical reaction so quiet that builders say it can disappear at will [Music] the two one two alpha born in the same shipyards that would have built Walters revolutionary a IP u-boat even it's odd we are designing the shaping of the submarine today's German Navy is in building hunter killers but centuries and spies to patrol shallow waters the - 1 to alpha stealth begins on the outside its hull design slips quietly through the water reflecting little sound and interestingly the welding is done on the spot computers cut every piece of this up and before workers weld hull sections together they preheat them to give them maximum strength a process so incredibly precise it measures errors and millimeters when it's finished the - 1 - alpha is even smaller than the Gotland and doesn't need a nuclear power plant or the Godwin's mechanical engine we do not need any piston engine generators clutches or something like that the old technology is gone we have the new technology with fuel cells to power this generation of submarines the German Navy uses fuel cells often cited as the ultimate source of cheap energy for homes and cars this is what the two one two alpha sounds like when using its conventional diesel engine when it wants to slip silently below the waves it switches on a bank of fuel cells with a flick of a switch to 1 to alpha disappears yeah the Buddha switch to silent mode now and we are switching on the future planned and the future planned powers propulsion engine that is electrical engine runs with more than thousand horse powers now and you don't hear anything we are a hole in the water now the German Navy won't reveal just how long and how fast the 2 1 2 alpha can run underwater on its fuel cells they say only that it can stay submerged in hidden for weeks on end it's fine to have estancia subframe like a nuclear but this is more this is super stem [Music] impressive as it is super stealth alone doesn't make a super sub firepower endurance unlimited reach all put the Texas in a class by itself [Music] but every Submariner knows the ocean is more powerful than any sub ever built one breach can flood an entire ship in minutes even a minor mechanical failure or human error can turn the super sub into an incinerator if catastrophe strikes survival will depend on the fast action of a crew and some ingenious devices that are revolutionising underwater rescues nothing man can construct not even the most advanced submarine in the world the super cell is impervious to the crushing forces of the deep weapons of war or human error before a crew dares take a submarine to sea they must learn how to operate it flawlessly and they must know how to keep her from killing them when disaster strikes a collision against the undersea mountain 600 feet below the surface breaches the subs Hall and since 12,000 gallons per minute of bone-chilling water into the engine room the situation instantly goes from bad to worse unrelenting pressure causes intake pipes and valves to burst these men have only seconds to manage the crisis and save this up one false move they kill them it's a scenario that plays out daily in a navy wet trailer costing them to adjust buttonhole submarino's run the exercise again and again this time they've managed to stop the bridge barely this is where submarino's learned everything they'll see hear and feel when operating a super sub during the mission or a crisis Claire before they're handed the keys to a two and a half billion dollar submarine they'll learn to dive and drive their new sub in a V Scott Virginia class ship control operator trainer this simulator is about as close to being out to sea without being out to sea that we're ever going to get died died and with that comes the adrenaline of being underway the pilots job is mission critical especially when disaster strikes knowing how to surface the super sub in seconds may be the difference between life and death January 8th 2005 the USS San Francisco is cruising Pacific waters south of Guam it's navigational charts are incomplete and the captain and his crew unaware without warning the 7000 tons submarine crashes headfirst into an undersea mountain 98 of its 137 sailors are injured and want fatally but the San Francisco does not die and what is amazing is that that crew bloodied beaten up hurting immediately we're able to go and become their own life savers sustaining their efforts to go ahead and deal with damage flooding systems that have gone bad and get themselves to the surface when the sub finally limps into drydock and Guam the extent of her damage is stunning her sonar dome crushed three ballast tanks damaged and all four torpedo tubes deformed and inoperable but like the Texas this sub can survive a staggering blow from the outside yet every Submariner knows that a much deadlier enemy strikes from within this is one of the worst cavities that we could possibly experience the entire crew the entire submarine is at stake smoke can cut visibility to zero it's like being trapped in a burning building starts wearing you down over time start getting tired and exhausted temperatures can quickly soar into the hundreds of degrees unchecked up to 2,000 degrees sorry Ryan pretty heavy get dehydrated and ask to key you know when you dehydrate submarines are just water tight their airtight a closed container a fire on a sub can literally suck the air from the men's lungs we don't have electric all at four Hill and having assistance there's a fire we have to put it out so do it guys situation training and real-time simulators like this is a sub crews best defense against an onboard catastrophe like fire what no simulator trainer can defend them against a silent predator that lurks in dark waters lying in wait indefinitely one of us sucks deadliest enemies the mine since the end of the Vietnam War mines have caused more damage to US warships that all the other kinds of weapons combined have been used against us finding mines is dull dangerous work in Cambridge Massachusetts the US Navy is perfecting a secret weapon a uuv or unmanned undersea vehicles advance scouts that map my fields the bluefin-21 looks like a torpedo because it's designed to be shot from a torpedo tube but this machine isn't designed to kill its mission is to save lives by identifying mines before they explode the trade-off for the Navy sacrifice a half-million-dollar uuv to save a multibillion-dollar sub and it's clean Texas's ability to launch unmanned underwater vehicles or you UVs that can even go out and conduct mine hunting and mine surveillance is a critical critical capability start at this green flag here Tom Dara of the naval undersea warfare center wants to test the mind mapping capabilities of the uuv to see how the bluefin works it gives it the task of finding a shipwreck what's the resolution yes oh we good out uh this is sort of go down to ten centimetres resolution we should get a pretty good picture of whatever Blanc massif or the uuv pilots itself with artificial intelligence it will run along parallel paths three-quarters of a mile long and 500 feet wide avoiding unexpected obstacles while taking pictures and staying out of course the bluefin can map it square miles of ocean in one mission cruising for up to 18 hours on battery power but recovering the uuv is much harder than launching it as you know we launched it out of torpedo tube like a regular torpedo the hard part is getting it back onto the boat engineers at electric boat are already planning to retrofit the Texas with an ingenious arm that will reach out to grab the uuv and pull it back into the sub after completing its mission [Music] back at the demonstration the bluefin crew retrieves their uuv and downloads the data from its hardware just as the crew of the Texas well Tom and the bluefin team scanned the images to see if the uuv found the ship right uuv has proven itself forcing the murky water to give up its secrets with stunning resolution but if the uuv fails on a real mission minds can devastate a sub and when a submarines in trouble deep underwater the crews only hope for survival is another kind of super self built to pull sailors from the jaws of death the DSRV deep submergence rescue vehicle the Navy calls it the mystic kept on call 24/7 the mystic can fly anywhere in the world loaded on board a plane or piggyback an especially configured attack submarine all it takes is a phone call we should be able to be on a plane within 4 hours within 24 hours the Mystics on-site its sonar listens for the crippled subs distress signal and zeroes in on its location every second is precious to a crew whose air supply is fading the pilot establishes radio communications with the down sub school this drill takes place in a tank that's merely 30 feet deep but the Mystics fiberglass hull hides three interconnected spheres that can withstand the pressure of a 5000 foot dodge nearly one mile deep once the pilot has a visual on the subs escape hatch be carefully guides the mystic into place and makes a watertight seal in a real-life scenario 24 men at a time would scramble through the hatch to safety and live to fight another day generations of submarines went to sea risking hidden undersea dangers onboard fires and naval lives the crew of the USS Texas faces those traditional perils with state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced training in the history of the silent service but the Texas and her crew must also combat a new kind of enemy that attacks from multiple fonts conceals its position and runs covert operations on land and sea the worldwide threat of terrorism and in the war against terror the super sub fully reveals her awesome power to Search and Destroy October 12 2000 the American destroyer USS Cole refueled in the port of Yemen a small boat approaches and detonates punching a 40 by 60 foot hole in the ship killing 17 sailors the coal attack is a chilling reminder that in the new century there's a new kind of global warfare enemies hiding at secret safe houses plotting terror and capable of striking anywhere anytime but terrorists like the cold bombers now face a formidable opponent the super son [Music] it's the perfect linchpin in any future attack on terrorists before they can strike submarines used to operate as lone Wolf's going months without communicating with the fleet for fear of revealing their position but today the super sub communicates with headquarters by releasing a small buoy that floats to the surface on a 2,000 foot cable the buoy will link the super self to a communications network called force net the network will allow all Navy assets on earth the court made an attack radio god I'm never ready to bring the message to the connoisseur pray to God rock the message that God force net downloads a detailed picture of a terrorist base the orders from Navy command cruising close to the coastline and land a SEAL team to confirm the enemy is there this is the type of mission the super sub was born to execute the super sub carries a nine man SEAL team the Navy's elite sea air and land force a special lock in lockout chamber allows the seals to exit this up underwater in the dark of night unseen and unheard it's putting people ashore from a submarine is a difficult task because the other side is going to be looking for that suddenly they may have coastal radar they may have aircraft and they even have seafloor acoustic detection systems the closer you bring the submarine in to five or ten miles the greater the chance of detection and the greater the chance for submarines going to run aground on an uncharted sandbar a coral reef or something else but delivering Navy SEALs to an enemy's doorstep in dangerously shallow water is just that this submarine does best the SEAL team floats to the surface and heads for Shore on inflatables they worked their way inland until they find the enemy surrounding his base and confirming its location the hunt is over now it's time for the kill the SEAL team relays the information back to the sub then sends the updated target information to force net far out at sea a warship sends a Tomahawk missile screaming toward the target radio-cana one machine has made it possible the Navy's newest breed of super sub the virginia-class unprecedented endurance and stealth formidable firepower in new capabilities to unleash a precision attack on any enemy anywhere on earth but the super sub has one final secret the Navy has made her future proof thanks to an ingenious design years from now when new technology or weapon systems come on line they could slice her in half open her up and update her design the ultimate in plug-and-play the USS Texas will have to make room for innovation but unlike its predecessors this super sub is built for the future enemies doorstep in dangerously shallow water is just that this submarine does best the SEAL team floats to the surface and heads for sure on inflatables they worked their way inland until they find the enemy surrounding his base and confirming its location the hunt is over now it's time for the kill the SEAL team relays the information back to the sub then sends the updated target information to for snack far out at sea a warship sends a Tomahawk missile screaming toward the target once the missiles launched the seals keep the terrorists pinned down until the tomahawk arrives the missile screams toward the target at 550 miles per hour GPS satellites download the coordinates to the missile and the tomahawk locks in on the exact location of the target if the target moves the seals relay his new position to their sub the sub relays it to four smashed and the warship regains the tomahawk in mid-flight ensuring a perfect strike scenario filty Malvo reports mission complete in route to our location radio-cana one machine has made it possible the Navy's newest breed of super so the virginia-class unprecedented endurance and stealth formidable firepower in new capabilities to unleash a precision attack on any enemy anywhere on earth but the super sub has one final secret the Navy has made her future proof thanks to an ingenious design years from now when new technology or weapon systems come online they could slice her in half open her up and update her design the ultimate in plug-and-play the USS Texas will have to make room for innovation but unlike its predecessors this super sub is built for the future 


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