Life on a US Submarine Documentary 2017.

you're out 26 up [Applause] 6,000 yards all aspects see basic stuff right here and my job is to manage yes besides getting shine in the face with a flashlight managing contacts for our fine officer deck here lieutenant panels my name is Neil Greenland lieutenant digger and let's fly officer yeah yeah yeah I might gain regain night vision again sometime tomorrow I'm sorry flashlights on my face today roll tide go Gators breathe I am from Pearson Florida a small town west of Daytona Beach yes I went to University of Florida supporting the rockin the Gator Weiser here which is my on watch on watch signature it's my watch cap really good we wear personalized have oh yeah white why do you guys why do you guys need to be different um it's uh I guess something it is something yeah it's something generally were more or submerged yeah we're submerged no one can see we uh it's kind of a crew morale thing you know surface ly least gets to breathe breathe fresh air and have a good good feel for what time of day it is whereas for underwater for significant amounts of time it's just just watch to watch we don't really know what's going on what time of day it is we just get into our routine so it's kind of a morale thing what about the ten shoes is there like practical reasoning for those actually yes um also the grocer casters report mastered the rubber soled shoes are more quiet walking around so our primary the way we get caught as a submarine is noise and you wouldn't think about it but if we get close to something running around with heavy toad maybe toed shoes that can potentially put out a sound transit it could allow us to get picked up what's like the craziest thing if ever seems to be where that would definitely be a petty officer Jorgenson's um silk sleeping rode it a remand rate of argue something few definite where they're not very interesting we're about as far as like cap tennis shoes look more of your everyday uniformity people really like to jazz it up with Footwear and years oh not I wouldn't say too much um you have foot gear it's pretty much limited to to boat shoes and tennis shoes the bulk of the headgear I've seen is uh you know for example my college alma mater other people's favorite college or pro teams [Music] and then just other other kind of stuff people wear I guess are there any rules regarding Oh what if I wanted to really get me on half-wits like my doctor without you I don't know if the duckbill would be authorized that's a kind of a judgmental [Music] kind of leave it up to the master cheese please how long have you been I checked on board July of last year so from July last year to few weeks before commissioner what is it what is it peddling regime before to the bridge transfer it's been an interesting process we definitely when I first got here you couldn't really move around anywhere very comfortably the boat was sitting in a building on blocks there was for example in a space this big there would be 20 30 guys working equipment everywhere putting them both together and then you know now we're we're out sea driving around it's a fully functional warship and uh it's been been really neat they all the other crazy technology and and technical details that go into building this thing you'd never think they could turn it around that fast we've gone from sitting in a building with a big hole cutting our size for accessing the workers - now we're transiting on the surface off the coast of Florida it's really cool what do you think it'll be like after stuff leading up to your first equipment but do you think it'll feel any different for the crew [Music] kind of like to what you guys do operationally I think will definitely will definitely feel a little more like a naval unit once we've got USS in front of our was it posed to a PC you free Commission yeah I think I think everyone's real excited about that be a problem for all of us what does it mean to you to be really means a lot like I say the 30 years from now 40 years from now when they decommission that submarine there's going to be that black showing off blank Gunners the first crew who ever took her to see and that's that's real special for for me and I think for everybody else do just uh go Minnesota and happy to have you on board and I are all really excited to a commission here in a few days or a few weeks and before the real Navy thank you sir they give more time all right can you see your first last name it's Randy mixes mics woman a my children for the name um wait uh what are you doing currently the copilot which my primary job is to ship water around as we need it from tank to tank run the ventilation system do different things of that nature how long ago about a year and a half now so where was the ship when you when you first join the crew I was still in the building in three pieces it was a different scene it good friend shipping around for pretty pieces to operate it what are you looking towards you as far as the commissioning just being able to get out and become a real submarine I mean we're kind of doing our job now but it'll be nice once we're out were commissioned to go out and do good things it's um how many other other going to be back three previous so this is your first for gym class yes how is this different than it's way more advanced as far as the electronics Prasad worry whenever Cygnus final night where we had a lot more valves and things that you would operate now it's a lot more computer screens things of that nature so give us a little bit more advanced I think no right answer throw all the it's not those generally act do the same things it's just this is way more advanced as far as the electronic side of would you say that like back in a dating have more people doing different things and now you have systems and machines doing things some aspects yes others I mean we still have basically the same amount of people on board and kebab [Music] and so the jobs are still there we still have to maintain the systems we still have to basically oversee the systems it's just the way we manipulate them instead of you know switches involves a lot more of a touchscreen that kind of stuff we still have to maintain that so we still generally have the same amount of people did you ask you any um special training to operate on this as far as copilot pilot yes we spent a lot of time they have a Virginia trainer and we spent a lot of time some guys almost two years for me about almost a year and the trainer's prior to coming out and even qualifying so was kind of kind of unique coming out for a ship for the first time and actually operating it we were all kind of fresh at it it's kind of different what was the training like week was it yes it the most part looks exactly like this except here and outside of a building inside of the trainer that moves around and we can we can simulate everything that we do here so it's it's rumor it's very realistic as far as the way that it acts and the things that it does we were we're able to get a lot of really good training out of it did you you feel differently kind of coming here getting your hands on the real thing yeah it's always a little bit scary because in the building if you make a mistake you just hit reset and here you don't get to play you know don't get to push the reset button I didn't know if like we can just touch back on and he is in the bridge sir the gym is case on the bridge to all shooting very well the importance of the pilot copilot on board and the defense is what it is you guys do we are the we maintain the ship as far as the driving you know we safe T the ship safety of the crew kind of kind of realized something and relied on us we have the all subject that backs us up but I mean ultimately you know if we push the wrong button we do the wrong thing it's still I kind of up to us we have a lot of meat actions and casualties and things of that nature so we kind of have to be on the ball if you're not paying attention something to go back with so so what's that like having that it's a pretty big responsibility luckily there's a lot of backup systems and you know a lot of people to back us up but still there's a so a lot to it if a guy makes a mistake for like earlier when we're doing large angles that could very easily go wrong somebody does the wrong thing so it's a the other aspect of that to you is now with the auto systems really have to be vigilant and watch because you know even though it's an autopilot or auto you still have to pay attention to what the computer is doing so in some there used to you were hands on everything and now you're just kind of watching to make sure nothing goes wrong that can be nerve-racking sometimes pretty much everything it's a good job very many people get to live underwater for months on end and go out do these kind of things so I've been doing it for almost 25 years now so it's not a not too bad visit what does it mean to be it's kind of an honor that's another thing in the Navy very few people actually get to to go through a new commissioning and you know see a ship go from pieces to an actual functioning warship so it was pretty interesting to be able to see the whole process and since described that there when I'm like 90 years old they're going to be decommissioning this thing so [Music] have an honor to know that you were there and have your name on the wall screaming first guys there anything else you like to add mighty warship monsoon she's a great ship great crew really happy to to be a part of it not always in your career do you always get the best crews there's always certain crews that are not as tight or whatever in this is improve rural entry level XD well dredging whenever your knowledge of the Senators state especially for a producer area for junior crew that's you know in all actuality we don't have very much time to see together a lot of the guys have never been to see AI lü them on here so they're all being a little about learning and training have you keep your guard up over the children show once they're done with that an MLG EndNote and they sat one for trim go a little bit anchor in our next evolution will be some high-speed turns five 0:26 up 5fe 27 up four five zero 27.3 up 300 feet to be one down three five zero two four down you're about Langston's about five five zero feet to six down 4.0 point tarron Reza well place tenderize six five zero seminar feet a snake our depth here feet proposals they do with the Sun hey whit are you ready view at the sign Oh there's a black [Music] very inventive I thought [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that legalizing super [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I did there you go it's a video it's video for dancing on TV Oh three thousand yard 6,000 yards called aspect CPA 6,000 yards needs to invest you you needs more ride in there [Applause] you since it into the two basically or joke really yep [Music] [Applause] thanks doc the grounds back in rank a very three four five range one in 3,000 yards two three minutes is no risk of collision for your freedom maneuver recommend maintaining necessity to overtake Romeo to make strings I was assigned to notice a cinemates about three years and then I've been on USS freedom for the day I'm gonna help ya [Music] control [Music] our sonar and we're on a moving ship hoping to run into a Tommy your next word a case cars now a tightening control doesn't mean it Romeo to a to contact and concern their Dago and he's 13,000 457 yards away for almost seven miles 9:21 time coming up are these separations i sat down next to old lady in a pretty short a thousand nine hundred days I'm going on while they got pink so I thought well I guess you just blend right here you can scroll around the school so you can go up down scroll around you go it's always announcer oi [Music] [Music] Squyres [Music] yes yes as [Music] you


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