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Life on a US Submarine Documentary 2017.

you're out 26 up [Applause] 6,000 yards all aspects see basic stuff right here and my job is to manage yes besides getting shine in the face with a flashlight managing contacts for our fine officer deck here lieutenant panels my name is Neil Greenland lieutenant digger and let's fly officer yeah yeah yeah I might gain regain night vision again sometime tomorrow I'm sorry flashlights on my face today roll tide go Gators breathe I am from Pearson Florida a small town west of Daytona Beach yes I went to University of Florida supporting the rockin the Gator Weiser here which is my on watch on watch signature it's my watch cap really good we wear personalized have oh yeah white why do you guys why do you guys need to be different um it's uh I guess something it is something yeah it's something generally were more or submerged yeah we're submerged no one can see we uh it's kind of a crew morale thing you know surface ly least gets to breathe breathe fresh ai…

The Largest Submarine in World War II

spring 1946 ten months after the end of World War two an explosion rocked the Pacific off the coast of Hawaii America had just destroyed one of Japan's most advanced weapons systems I was a lookout when I got the literature to periscope it was a bunch that believed me rather than a belated attack against the defeated Japanese the sinking of this top-secret submarine was a pre-emptive measure for the looming Cold War a brazen decision by the Americans to keep the sub out of Soviet hands the plan worked and the weapon lay undisturbed at the bottom of the ocean for six decades until a team of underwater explorers from the University of Hawaii located its remains the discovery sparked a new examination of the long-forgotten super sub they can go to around Cape Horn it can go round Cape of Good Hope 37th oh that's right this gave you enormous strategic options you can basically attack anywhere in the world this was a global weapon system a system that defied conventional design an…

World War II Submarine Warfare - rare footage

in the Pacific battles of World War two much of the publicity went to the aircraft carriers and the naval aviators who flew from their decks yet as important as the carriers were the most significant naval warships and actually prosecuting the war toiled in almost complete obscurity while battles like Midway Santa Cruz and Leyte Gulf grabbed the headlines the Pacific Fleet submarine force quietly went about the task of isolating Japan the submarine was something that not too many people knew about it was called a silent service and it was a silent service nobody talked about where they went or when they went so we had the advantage of the other side not knowing when or where we were at that's the main thing why we were so successful American submarines crippled Japan's industry and prevented resupply in reinforcement of Japanese island Garrison's by destroying most of her merchant fleet it was eleven hundred and seventy-eight merchant ships and two hundred and fourteen na…